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Pc has seemed to stop working.

2012-01-11 03:52:32 by Ramatsu

Of unknown causes, nothing seemed to be wrong with it working how it should then network randomly stopped working and became unresponsive, so I had to force a restart and now it won't go past the "welcome" loading. Going to prob have to get it repaired... Just great, well this leaves me to just work on some traditional pencil and paper.. Until further notice.


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2012-01-13 18:33:31

Damn, that's really a shame.
I just had to get a new computer recently, and my old programs don't work on the new one, so, I kinda know how it feels...
Still, I have my scanner working, so I can upload my handwork here...
I really hope you can get your machine running again soon.
Hang on there!

Ramatsu responds:

yeah, i'll try to get some traditional work up. yes, that's what ill do.