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2011-11-17 18:29:48 by Ramatsu

So for the passed 6 hours straight, I've been playing this videogame called Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I can't believe I just wasted all that time playing that game when I could have done something productive. This is why I quit videogames in the 1st place. I Blame my girlfriend for even stating that I should play it. I'm Lecturing myself because I know I get addicted to this very easily.. Very ashamed..


2011-10-12 04:05:40 by Ramatsu

And again I lose hours of work... Because my pc wants to restate it self after I told it no. These things just make me want to go on a rampage! Good thing I am pretty easy going or else the PC would have been destroyed by now. I don't know what made me decide to stop saving every few minutes.. Oh yeah it's that Photoshop wasn't crashing anymore... If its not one thing it's another


2011-09-21 03:37:27 by Ramatsu

Some ass-wipe sneezed on me, my reaction was to jack him up. I stopped myself from kicking his butt.. Because it was by accident. I now am showing symptoms and my whole families health is at risk because I fail to not have a place of my own... So I'm going to quarantine my room and not leave it unless an emergency. That now puts a bunch of time on my hands to mess with my tablet.


2011-06-22 18:26:11 by Ramatsu

I plan on making a web comic very soon, will be based on action-adventure, romance(probably), extreme blood and guts( trying something new), Nudity( of course because my personal series lacks it, more like none at all), Sexual content(hmm, i dunno i'm still debating because that's not really my thing -__-). But yeah still no final title for it but it is a female protagonist( always made a male protagonist in everything i made, something new this time.) male/female antagonist not sure what to have it but i just love having male antagonists. But yeah i will get into more detail as i get some more of the plot twists down( >=) yes! Plot twists!) Prepare to be mindfucked!! No, no i'm just kidding or am I? :) RAMATSU out.

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2011-04-12 15:51:41 by Ramatsu

Hey I got some artwork up I'll be posting more when I get some reviews on it just want to see what you think about it contructive criticism is valuable I can use that and some ideas! Thanx much Ramatsu out..