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2013-06-03 04:29:27 by Ramatsu

so me and a Good Pal Liked how much the Differences Between Our 2 Characters Fit together and decided to do a little project. I plan to do a few pages With The perspective of my OC and he does his OC in her perspective. Far from a professional but it'll be totally fun.

Heres a rough sketch of the cover in my OCs perspective.


I Come And Go.

2013-02-10 03:29:59 by Ramatsu

Work nowadays has taken my time away so i don't have much time to do anything. i want to do Big projects but how things are now i cant do much. here's something i guess im going to finish working on sometime soon. Yes another dragon lady sorry guys im pretty mediocre.

For some reason it wont let me upload it to this D: well that sucks

Guess what?

2012-08-16 21:36:23 by Ramatsu

I have been active in drawing lately just haven't really posted in the portal. But you can check out what i've been up to in my Art Thread. i've made some improvements i guess. I Do plan to upload some to the portal but i am waiting until i feel one can make it to the front page. But as of now none of them have gotten much feedback( if any at all) and that shows that they are not that impressive and/or im doing something totally wrong and i cant quite point it out myself. With that being said i'm not sure where i'm going with this lol i just wanted to change my news post.

Now i am off to find something to eat!


2012-05-24 05:38:03 by Ramatsu

I have not left you guys, I just don't have a pc or anything. I've also been quite busy, I'm losing out on so much time with the tablet because of this. I'll try to get back uploading when I can. Much love, RAM.

in a rut

2012-03-07 23:22:34 by Ramatsu

i've been going through somethings lately, and when i have time to draw i get frustrated with every line i put down on the paper or pc. i've been trying to update my thread, i can't find inspiration or motivation. i cant even play a game without getting bored. i need a kick in the brain to get things going again.


2012-02-21 02:12:51 by Ramatsu

so earlier today my sister got into an accident and is in the hospital, pretty much been there all day, i'll be heading back there pretty much early tomorrow and be staying up there. she is fine though just doctors need to check some things so she will be in the hospital for another day or 2. everything else pretty much on hold, see you soon.

Pc has seemed to stop working.

2012-01-11 03:52:32 by Ramatsu

Of unknown causes, nothing seemed to be wrong with it working how it should then network randomly stopped working and became unresponsive, so I had to force a restart and now it won't go past the "welcome" loading. Going to prob have to get it repaired... Just great, well this leaves me to just work on some traditional pencil and paper.. Until further notice.


2012-01-03 16:13:01 by Ramatsu

I just bought Copic multiliner pens, to give my traditional work a kick. mainly got this because i want to do my graphic novel, traditionally. probably color it digitally though. (not that anyone cares just, putting it on my page because i can)


2011-12-02 19:55:32 by Ramatsu

that last post was not my doing, forgive the awkwardness i do not signout of my newgrounds, which then leaves it vulnerable to the people around. don't worry i still love you guys lol. -thumbs up-

Guess what?!

2011-12-02 00:08:37 by Ramatsu

I love you all! That's it thank you.